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Unleash the True Power Of Machine Learning

ANAI, an end-to-end unified “All-In-One” platform, it empowers you to build POC in Hours, and  enables you to train , deploy and manage your AI/ML Models in Weeks. 

From Data Engineering and management to training AI models and deploying, everything is just a click away.

Can we say ANAI is “AI for AI”?

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ANAI Features

  1. 100 plus pre-built data connectors
  2. Full Feature Automated Data and Feature Engineering Pipeline
  3. Machine Learning Based Anomaly Analysis and Data Wrangling
  4. 350 plus unique AI & ML Models, and we are adding more 
  5. A Low Code No Code UI – Build Model in hours, train in days
  6. Full feature ML Ops, deploy in minutes
  7. 25 Plus Responsible and Explainable AI Models

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