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Deploy Enterprise-Scale

Generative AI.

Harness the potential of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and create private LLMs for your enterprise.

Features of GPTs. Privacy of Enterprises.

Bring in the advantages of using GPT or similar LLMs without losing the privacy of your enterprise data. With ANAI Generative AI platform, you can keep your data private while also training and utilizing LLMs exclusively for your enterprise use cases.

Key Features while going with ANAI Gen-AI


Integration with 150+ data sources for comprehensive data coverage.

Privacy & access


Randomize the data and manage access of users to the enterprise model.

Model Agility

for your enterprise needs

Be it Business Operations, Insights, Support or Coding, deploy LLMs that meets the specific needs.

Cloud or On-prem


Deploy your model in your own cloud instance or in an on-prem server.

Our Platform

Optimize Workflows & Leverage Enterprise Data with ANAI Gen-AI

By connecting an LLM to your company’s private data source through our platform, you can streamline workflows and access valuable insights. From automotive and customer support to cybersecurity and education, ANAI’s Generative AI empower you to make the most of your enterprise data.

Our Process

Our six Step Approach

Create a ChatGPT-like interface effortlessly.

  • Connect open-source Large Language models such as GPT-4 to your private data.
  • Improve response quality through reinforced learning using human feedback.
  • Choose between deploying on a private self-hosted cloud or using our secure infrastructure for added flexibility.

Interested in deploying Computer Vision?

Explore - Our CV solution offering.

Industries where Private LLMs can help

Optimize production processes, improve inventory management, streamline supply chain operations, and accelerate innovation using LLM-powered analytics.

Personalize customer experiences, optimize inventory management, automate pricing strategies, and improve demand forecasting with AI-driven recommendations.

Enhance logistics operations, improve supply chain visibility, optimize inventory management, and mitigate risks using LLM-based analytics and predictive modeling.

Enhance customer support, automate service workflows, personalize recommendations, and optimize resource allocation with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants.

Automate financial analysis and reporting, strengthen fraud detection and risk assessment, optimize investment strategies, and streamline compliance processes using LLM-driven algorithms and predictive models.

Enhance threat detection and prevention, automate vulnerability assessment and incident response, strengthen access control, and provide proactive security awareness using AI-powered cybersecurity solutions.

Streamline document processing and information extraction, improve knowledge management and collaboration, automate contract review and analysis, and optimize talent acquisition with LLM-based automation and intelligent decision-making systems.

Improve diagnostics, accelerate clinical trials, enhance patient care and insurance insights, and streamline billing cycles using AI-powered healthcare analytics and predictive modeling.

Take Your Business To the Next Level with Custom Generative AIs

Leverage the power of foundation models from OpenAI, and other leading providers. Fine-tune these models using your proprietary enterprise data. Seamlessly switch between different Large Language Models with just one click, empowering your business to deliver exceptional AI-driven applications.

Accelerate Business Growth with an End-to-End AI Platform

Integrate LLMs on ANAI seamlessly into your existing tools and products. Our platform allows for easy deployment, ensuring a smooth transition to AI-powered solutions.

Source Data from 50+ Sources. train and Deploy.

Bring in Enterprise data from 50+ Data Sources allowing users to bring in data from databases, Document storages, Emails, Communication applications, etc. Train the LLM model and Deploy quickly.

Ensure Data Privacy even within the organization

Checks to ensure that the data from one location, department, team or authority level is not shared among other users. With User access control, protect confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

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Data Ingestion and Pipelines

Feature Engineering

Data Wrangling

Responsible & Explainable AI

Build your own Models

Monitor and Manage