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Open Source

AI & ML for everyone.

ANAI Open Source is an open-source project released under the Apache Software License v2. Open Source projects live by their user and developer communities. ANAI supports the most widely used statistical & machine learning algorithms, including gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning, and much more. 


ANAI Open Source is designed & built for different personas and their expectations


Features of ANAI Open Source

Data Connectors

Interlink and connect every electronic appliance though the internet to perform various tasks seamlessly and help with enriching the human experience.


Integrate every appliance in the house using IoT to run and monitor these devices making houses more energy efficient, and autonomous.

Data and Feature Engineering

Using various smart devices and switches to automate various aspects of the living space such as lights, curtains, etc. and to also make them operable from anywhere.


AI assistants can help with the management of daily tasks, setting up appointments, controlling various IoT devices, and overall acting as personal assistants for every individual.

Be a part of our community to contribute towards the mission of democratizing AI

About ANAI

With ANAI Open Source, Build The Best ML Solutions for Free

  • We are US based startup with our technology hub in India and a global team of passionate people who are working on a purpose, “Democratizing AI for Good”. Our focus is to build an ecosystem, a platform that provides A to Z of AI and ML. We have developed our platform that allows you to ingest data from various data sources, analyze the data and use the ML-based data wranglers. Once you are confident and comfortable with your data, our AutoML library will allow you to accelerate your ML modeling. Further, we understand that AI and ML have to be trusted and the outcomes can be explained. We have tools and features that allow you to detect Model and Data Drift including offering inbuild features on XAI.
  • We believe ANAI platform should be for anyone to use, so please feel free to use this platform for any of your Date Engineering, Machine Learning and Explainable AI needs.

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