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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving can help drivers pay attention on the road by analyzing their face tilts and movements with the use of deep learning technology. With cameras placed inside the car, such ML models can analyze the head position of the driver and alert the driver during scenarios such as when driver looks down for too long or seems to be falling asleep while driving.
This can be crucial in saving lives by preventing accidents caused by driver being distracted.

Key Features

Features of Distracted Driving models are:
  • Detect when the driver loses attention and is distracted
  • Alert the driver instantly through alarms or notifications
  • Track eye movement to ensure the driver doesn’t sleep while driving

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How Beneficial will Automated Distracted Driving be?

Use dashboard cameras as an input

Use dashboard surveillance cameras as an input to the model to deploy the solution in real time and get started instantly without any additional setup required.

Get Alerts and Notifications

Get notified whenever a driver distraction is detected on screen in real time. Verify and take the required action accordingly.

Detect Dozing Eyes

Use ML models to detect when eyes stay close for too long and alert the driver to take a rest.

Deploy on premise for Speed and Privacy

Deploy ML models on prem for better inferential speeds of the models and also preserving privacy of the person in the video feed.

Other Use Cases


Object Count

Count the number of object in a scene with the help of machine learning models pretrained for detecting and counting specific objects within a video feed or an image. Train models on custom images to modify them according to the particular use case within an industry.

Fall Detection

Detect a person falling using computer vision machine learning models in real-time through video feeds in a region. Deploy the model to detect falls and send immediate help whenever it is required using ANAI’s Fall Detection CV models.

Face Blur

Blur Faces of the subjects in a video feed using face detection and anonymization tool with ANAI. Deploy other CV tasks in a public environment without compromising on the privacy of the subjects in the video feed.

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We offer a comprehensive ecosystem

that blends Data Engineering and Auto-

mated Machine Learning that enables the

‘Democratizing of AI and ML’.