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Software Engineers

Using ANAI, citizen data scientists and other developers with limited machine learning expertise can easily ingest data, generate insights and build/train ML models.

Software Engineers

Deploy and manage production-grade AI services

ANAI’s leading Cloud platform helps you deploy an end-to-end AI pipeline. From the initial stages of data preparation through value tracking, you can count on ANAI to equip you with enterprise-grade stability and scalability. Our comprehensive API’s work with the preferred coding languages also integrates with the systems you use daily.  




Our comprehensive APIs work in the cloud and on-prem. Using our REST APIs, You can integrate enterprise-ready AI into the applications.


Deploy and maintain healthy AI systems with ANAI MLOps. Monitor through alerts for data drift, and prediction server performance.

AI Apps

With a few clicks, any model can be turned into an interactive ANAI AI application , providing your team with a no-code option.


Streamlining ML Operations

By putting machine learning models into production with just a few lines of code, ANAI automates the best practices making it easy for data scientists, Machine Learning and Software Engineers or other personas to rapidly build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models.  

Deploy with one line of code

ANAI eliminates the need to write custom prediction code or manage any infrastructure. We provide ANAI dedicated API to deploy models to servers , easily scaling to meet your needs. If you need to update your model every day, the deployment can be easily automated with ANAI APIs and SDK.

Scale your Models

ML Models must be able to scale. ANAI enables and facilitates the scaling of Models by deploying model as a container and leveraging the Kubernetes. Our MLOps allow you to monitor, deploy and version management the models, enabling your ops team to focus on the identifying any factors associated with Model Drift and Model Performance.

Create great models with full transparency

With ANAI you can build and test hundreds of ML Models, and solutions Use our industry-leading GUI or powerful Python APIs to compare solutions for model accuracy, prediction speed, and simplicity to find the best fit for your use case.

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