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Smart Living

Using ANAI, citizen data scientists and other developers with limited machine learning expertise can easily ingest data, generate insights and build/train ML models.

ai in smart living
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AI in Smart Living

IoT devices

Interlink and connect every electronic appliance though the internet to perform various tasks seamlessly and help with enriching the human experience.

Smart monitoring

Integrate every appliance in the house using IoT to run and monitor these devices making houses more energy efficient, and autonomous.

Automated switching

Using various smart devices and switches to automate various aspects of the living space such as lights, curtains, etc. and to also make them operable from anywhere.

AI assistants

AI assistants can help with the management of daily tasks, setting up appointments, controlling various IoT devices, and overall acting as personal assistants for every individual.


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With ANAI, Build The Best AI Solutions

  • ANAI can help by decomplexifying the AI part as it provides a solution that is inbuilt with all the data science requirements from data engineering to model generation and deployment.
  • ANAI allows the developers and other stakeholders to see through the model's decision-making process and also track how the data is being used so that privacy is not at stake and the system built is more transparent and responsible.

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