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Using ANAI, citizen data scientists and other developers with limited machine learning expertise can easily ingest data, generate insights and build/train ML models.

potential use cases

AI in Government

Administrative works

Automate traditional systems to take care of the heavy documentation, reporting, and other administrative processes that take place within a government office and save time and human effort in maintaining such records.

Health management

Keep track on a region’s health using smart AI systems that can detect any signs of spreading of disease early on by looking at the data from hospitals and can help government bodies manage pandemics better.

Crime management

Deploy ML models that use the city’s fleet of surveillance cameras to detect areas that look suspicious or facially recognize convicted offenders, to handle and manage illegal activities more easily.

Traffic management

Optimize a city’s traffic routes using AI techniques and design roads in such a way that the more congested zones are freed and the traffic flow is continuous.


challenges found

our platform

With ANAI, Build The Best AI Solutions

  • ANAI allows its users to build, train, deploy and monitor AI models within a single platform at a button's click away. ANAI's no code approach helps businesses manage their AI workflow without the coding and the deep expertise needed.
  • ANAI's data pipelines handle data like a charm. The data can be ingested from more than a hundred plus sources and through ML-based data wrangling and cleansing, the data is automatically ready to be served to the model.
  • ANAI' eXplainable AI and Responsible AI enable entities such as government bodies or businesses to get an explanation of their model's results and also understand the biases present within the system helping build trust in the model and create a transparency within the system.

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